„Due to severe illness and lack of support, we sadly have to inform you that Polio-Echo will no longer exist as a charity organization from the 31st December 2017 onwards. However, we have arranged that this website with all the information regarding poliomyelitis and PPS will be shown for a further five years and will close on the 31st December 2022.

From an idea over ten years ago between Professor Kai Paschen MD and myself, we worked together to fill the information gaps of the existing self-help polio organizations in Germany and beyond in English and German in the form of this website with text, audio, animations & films covering all areas in regard to the illness, the after effects, treatment, etc. We also produced two extensive information brochures in German and English: (Polio & PPS Besser Verstehen and A Better Understanding of Poliomyelitis & PPS – both 96 pages), which are available through Amazon.

We were a small team of not more than half a dozen who managed this extensive project and a few members in the background who gave their moral support. I would like to express my humble thanks to all those who have helped create and keep it going.”

Thank you and keep well!

Yours Aye

Tom House

(Thomas House-Arno – President)


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